Clubpenguin Events (Pictures Delayed but coming)

Well the new newspaper came out and some fun looking events are coming. Like the annual week of Darkness. It may come or not it has been predicted to hit around the next week or so. I am really excited the last one was so cool i cant wait for this one!

Also coming the Halloween PARTY!!! I cant wait any longer! October 26th!!!

Next event the darn coolest thing the 2nd anniverstity at the coffee sHOP! WOO HOO! The new book is going to be there to. This a Party no one would wanna miss. I have heard rumors there will be an new secret Item! Another round of WOO HOO’s!!!

Many People wonder were to find the Silver Surfboard when so called “helper” Aunt Artic wount help you find it well you have came to the right place if you want help with that.  First go the winter sport shop. Click on the catalog and go to the page with the sufboards. click on the surfboard the penguin is holding and turn it to the flower one. Next click on the seashell Like shown. Then the other one then WALA the silver surf board.                                                                           


October 23, 2007. ClubPenguin.


  1. Amy replied:

    Wow thanxs for the help w/ the silver surfboard. I always wondered how to get it. Also bout Aunt Artic you r right she never fully answers anyones questions.

  2. Molly & Brianna replied:

    Thanxs for the Silver SurfBoard Tip!

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