Furniture & Igloo Catalogs Updated =)

Igloo Catalog update:

The newset igloo to return is the Log Cabin. I mean it is cool and all but in the descrition it describes talk about Western!! So that means it is most likely the suprise party as you can see as in my update in the poll that it kicking butt.

Here are the secrets in the catalog:

On the Floor Removal Page Click on the Crowbar to get the Secret Stone Igloo. It Costs $2000 PC (Penguin Coins)


Second Secret. Click on the Deluxe Snow Igloo’s Door to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo. It Costs $5000 PC (Penguin Coins)


Last, Long Secret. The Snow Globe. It Costs $3700 PC (Penguin Coins) To get it, Click on Every Word “Snow” in the Catalogue.

On Page 2:

On Page 11:

On Page 11:

On Page 16:

On Page 17:

On Page 17:

Then Once you have Clicked all the Words, “Snow” Go back to Page 13 and Click on teh Basic Igloo’s Window. You should have the Option to buy a Snow Globe, Pop Up.


Big thanks to penguinpartyzone for the info about the secret igloos.

Furniture Catalog:

I have to say I am very dissapointed in the turnout for the catalog it littertly stunk only two new iteams not even worth a big delima. I mean it is cool that brought back items from the past but it would be better to bring so more populer things back like the pink stuff. And the fire place but nooooo. They had to bring back the snow stuff! Everyone already has this stuff it was cool the first time it came out know it is just plan old.  Also the secret items are the excext same comon but since I didnt already post them here you go.

#1 The Candelabra

It is ovisully hidden in the most easiest place the fire pit.


#2 The Pipe Organ

Easy enough the piano.


#3 Concert Lights

Well the concert lights arent even a secret anymore! They have been there forever. The Stero.



November 20, 2007. ClubPenguin.

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