New Mission!! Yippie

this update is really late.. I am sorry but anyway i didnt relize there was one….. opps.


And you get to have a confrence with the Polar Bear. LoL


Here’s how to beat it, credit to Blubasaur.

  1. Talk to G. Wait for the Crab to blow up the machine and escape. Follow the crab into the Headquarters. Then to the Ski Village, then the mountain, and finally down the hill.

2. When at the bottom of the hill, continue follwing the Crab until you come to a door.

3. Go to the right and to the room with the tree stump. Then go to the left to the room with the log. Get out your Spy phone and Use the scissors to cut down the bag of Puffle O’s.

4. Give a puffle O to the black puffle so he follows you. Then go back to the door. Put a Puffle O through the pet flap and wait for the Puffle to follow and open the door.

5. When through a cage will trap you. Continue talking to the Polar bear until he stops. When he leaves, Go to the right a bit until you see a big Cog. On the right you will see a red lever: Put a puffle O on that and wait for the puffle to jump on it. This should start the water flowing.

6. Put another Puffle O on the left hand side of the chute the water goes down, this makes the chute swith Directions. Then put another Puffle O on the weight, which should lift up the wooden blocker. Now the Cog should start turning, and open the cage.

7. Continue going right until you see a table. Pick up the Hot Sauce, The blueprints: and then go right a but more and pick up the Rope (Hanging) and the Anchor. Keep going right until you see the Door again.

8. Open the door, then snow will block it. Combine the Puffle O’s with the Hot sauce, then feed it to the Puffle. Wait until it flies through the door making a hole.

9. Go to the room on the right, then the room on the left, then again the room on the left: Until you end up where you started. Click on the bare bit of the hill and combnie the Anchor and rope. Click on the top of the hill so that the penguin gets on top of the mountain.

10. Go down to the Ski village, then the Dock: The town: Snow forts: Plaza: And then the Pizza parlour. Ask the waitor for a seeweed pizza.Then go back to the Ski village, and into the Lodge. Then go to the back where Ice Fishing is. Give the Pizza to Herbert, The Polar bear. While his back is turned, Swith the Red lever so it goes to the red side.

11. Click on herbert then watch him go onto the Ice and in the water. They will climb out at the Other side. Then G will come and talk to you.



February 2, 2008. ClubPenguin.


  1. Ginger48 replied:

    Thnxs so much for the help with the Mission! I was stuck with the stupid polar bear thing. And i couldnt figure out how to get out of that dumb cage! THANK YOU =0

  2. trixie replied:

    can you tell me the cheat to the new mission launched today!!!!!!!! july 28, 2008

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