YIPPIE! Rockhopper has returned and i have to admit he has been easier to find this time around! I was right outside the light house then bam!!! He showed up it was sorta scary! I didnt even relize he was there. All of a sudden someone yelled Rockhopper and within secounds the whole place was filled! I danced around with him for awile and that was about it! Well some kid screamed my name and would not leave me alone! Anyway here is the pic!


srry about the bad quilty my usally cam isnt working right! I hope rockhopper will get his ship back okay. Also he brought life vests! I mean they are cute and all but what are they for? Also keep your eyes peeled for Miss Rock Jr. She is rockhoppers daughter! I havent had the glory of meeting her. But if you do tell me!



February 2, 2008. ClubPenguin.

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