Clothing Catalog Secrets!

#1 The jade necklace: click on the blue shirt

#2 Red & Blue Viking Helmet: Click the Elvis hair once then for blue close and open it four times.

#3 Mixed Braclets: Click on the pink sneaker

#4 Woodsmen hat: Click on the purple shield

backgrounds for everyone!


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Penguin band tracker!

If you are searching for the penguin band then I am here to help! I last saw them in Alaska at 1:00 Penguin Standered time! I am there right  now so hurry. Also for a cheat to get the penguin band you must put up clovers they are for luck! Good luck on you search! Oh and the pin is hiding behide the green puffle at the nightclub!

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One Big Update!

I am sorry for not updating so much but since with my job it is more difficult anyway here you go! In the next hour there will be tons of updates! Hope you enjoy!

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Clothing Catalog Secrets!

Okay here are the secret items in the clothing catalog!

#1 Click on the blue flower on the sandles to get the Red Viking helemet. Then 3 times to get the blue one.

#2 Click on the gadget the on the Diver’s Suit for the Diver’s Helmet

#3 Click on the Queen’s Crown for the Crystal Staff

#4 Click the pocket on the Overalls for the Cheesy Necktie

#5 Click the Knight’s belt buckle for the Woodsman’s Hat

There is only 1 new background which is sad! I thought I had some rare ones!!

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New Pin!

The new pin is out! It is the Anchor Pin! Also i meet Miss Rock Jr!! She was sooo sweet! Trust me i think she really is Rockhoppers daughter! Anway you can find it at the Cove! Enjoy!


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New Wigs!

There are now to new wigs. Both of them are very nice. I bought both but I only wear the flutter-by. If you see me yell out. “hey everpal” and i might add you to my friends list. I only keep people that i actually hangout with on my list so sorry to others. You can find me in Fjord. That is the only server i go on. Okay now back to the wigs!

The FlutterBy & The SunStriker:


Click on this Link to go to Wig Catalog Without Logging on:

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Results! Coins for Change


I think that they got pretty evenly distributed. Which seems pretty good to me.

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Hey everyone i need 400 hits by this time next month or wordpress is going to shut my site down. So tell everyone you know about thanks! =)


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